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Change Pilots

Strategic Design Consultancy

Aleksandra Garlinska

Sustainable Finance

Farah Mesmar

Scope 3

Oghosa Erhahon

Corporate Governance

Sunny Akhter

ESG Investing

Lars Urheim

Circular Transition

Gunilla Grimsgaaard

Supply Chains

Diego Anzola


Mayce Dagdoni

Corporate Well-being

Zainab Mohamed

Corporate Compliance

Shigeo Kimura

Design Sustainability

Diversify Norway


Fernando Muñoz

Material Scientist

Kristov Rishi Xavier

Autonomous Logistics

Emma Thonberg

Chief Operations Officer

Alan Smith

CSR Specialist

Dr. Volkan Orhan

Corporate Sustainability

Gema Midon

Climate Facilitator

Eloïne Deleplanque

Human Carbon Footprinting

Ranjan Naik

Marine Technologist

Kenny Kaluiji

ESG Business Success

Veronika Krajcikova

Corporate Social Responsibility - NSI

Ian Mkandla

Corporate Social Responsibility - NSI

Nada Ahmed

Sustainable Digital Transformation

Mariam Carlenius

HSE Specialist